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Monday, March 28th, 2005
3:15 am - Changeroo?
My site is up and ready to go. Tell me what you think, I need your input so I can make it better.

Check it out.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
6:18 pm - I kind of have to pee
So I'm a touch sunburned. Not really bad, though. The top of my head where my hair parts hurts.

Swimming with dolphins was really cool. They actually had a giant pool with like 13 dolphins in it and they told us to hop in with them. Extremely friendly dolphins, they kept rolling over to let us pet them. Totally strange texture.

Joselyn and I have been exploring the Mexican terrain like crazy people — we have walked like 6 miles in the past two days, more than half of that in my damn Birkenstocks. We had an awesome lunch today in Mazatlan at a really cool restaurant on the side of a little plaza. It was also really off the beaten tourist track, which is really cool; Puerto Vallarta is much more touristy than Mazatlan. Tomorrow is Cabo San Lucas, we have to wake up early for a whale-watching tour and the boat leaves by 2pm in order to get back to LA on Saturday morning.

I've decided that I mumble a lot in Spanish and that's why people sometimes have a hard time understanding me. I think I'll try just talking louder tomorrow.

What else is new? I haven't really gotten any shot glasses for anybody yet; none have really looked appetizing. I got a salt & pepper shaker set today for my Spanish teacher. I discovered it doesn't actually say Mexico anywhere on it so I'll have to fix the situation with a sharpie when I get back.

I have lots of pictures to show when I get back, hopefully we can spot some whales tomorrow. WBC ...

current mood: tired

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
6:45 pm - On the boat, bitches
So what's new in the life of Taylor? Well, I'm on a ship in the middle of the Pacific right now.

I just left dinner. Before that, I woke up .. ate lunch .. and layed in the sun all day on my balcony. I also managed to program some of my new blog today, hopefully I can finish up that project and get it up and running soon. After laying around in the wildly hot Mexican sun all day I took a bath in the jacuzzi bathtub and took a shower. The whole time I've been blasting music through the little JBL speakers I got before I left: fantastic purchase! They totally rock, and nothing beats all of the usual lazy activities amplified by good music.

Last night was hilarious. Alex, Holly and I stayed around the club dancing ludicrously after literally an entire day of drinking. I wanted to go to the hot tub after, so we did - and as we sat in the damn thing I started noticing that the water level was getting lower. Long story short we're squatting in the bottom because the bastard is draining on us. Had to move it into the pool, I guess the hot tubs close at 2am.

I've been eating constantly. The food isn't particularly good; it seems like the last cruise had better cooks. But it's on call at all hours anyway, and that's good enough for me.

I did a horrible glaze job on a ceramic frame yesterday.. it'll be fired thursday. OH, and we met Chunk's mom from the Goonies! She was glazing some hideous plate (probably for cookies) and I mentioned that I went to Madison. "Oh, my son spoke there I think.. he was Chunk in the Goonies." She apparently brought him a pizza in the movie, and her daughter was there as well and appeared in the movie. Hilarious claim to fame.

Haven't met anyone yet. I don't really feel social, I've literally been sitting on my balcony for about 90% of the trip so far. The balconies in our rooms are actually big enough for lounge chairs, which is totally bad ass. I need some extension cords though because there aren't any outlets nearby. There were whales swimming near the boat today.

The DJ played a Toxic remix last night and had me dancing totally insane all over the place. Thriller, too. And some awesome latin songs. The club is pretty kick ass. DJ Todd: move me.

Tomorrow is Puerto Vallarta and swimming or whatever with dolphins at 10a.m. The wake-up time scares me a bit, but it should warrant a nap later.


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Friday, March 18th, 2005
8:42 am - Super flash update!
UPDATE: Joselyn told her boss to fuck off and is coming on the cruise! Also, I haven't slept tonight! Just couldn't! Bahahhah!

current mood: awake

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4:43 am - Oh, heraldism
So this entry is dedicated to how much I love everybody at the Herald. You all dragged me out tonight even though I had to write a big spanish paper for tomorrow (actually, it's worth about 25 percent of my grade), and I had a great time. As I venture out on spring break all I can think about is how great you all are. Seriously, everybody. I don't think I dislike one person employed there; not including, of course, that 3a.m. pissed offness due to somebody's slow-editing ass keeping us there.

On that note, I am totally jiving on coffee and therefore cannot sleep on the eve of my return home and the twice-eve of my spring break vacation. I leave Saturday morning at 6am or something ridiculous from ORD for a trip that will really be great: not because I really really want to get out of here but because I really really need to fucking sleep. (Yeah, it's 4:47 and I am writing in my live journal.. but that's the pot of coffee, not me being a douche).

I might try to meet Jeff for lunch tomorrow if I can make it down to Evanston in time.. that would be great. It kind of sucks that none of my friends could come on the trip with me, including Jeff and as (if not more) importantly, my brother and sister: Joel and fiance Beth are staying at home because Beth's break is the subsequent week, and Joselyn couldn't make it due to her asshole boss. One of the really great things about our recent family-trip binge is I get to spend a lot of time with them. Joselyn especially, considering she lives downtown and I only get to hang out with her in passing.. which sucks, because a lot of her insight deals with things I never get to hear about when I talk to Joel: dealing with past friends and passing relationships, being careful while enjoying yourself, just basically "I screwed up a lot of times: here's how not to." My brother is much more straight forward and simple when it comes to relationships, my sister is quite the opposite: I feel I am something of a mix of both, which reflects as well how I feel about my parents' attitudes toward the same issues (though my brother and sister do not reflect my dad and my mom, respectively, each is an interesting mix of my parents in very different ways). Anyway, I wish they were coming.

This spanish paper I wrote tonight totally sucks. But I'm pretty sure it's just a first draft. I should probably pay attention more in class.

Jeff and I booked our tickets for London finally. We're flying in and out of Heathrow and in between staying for about 2.5 weeks. We want to do Scotland, London, Paris and maybe Ireland; but I have no clue how much we'll actually get done. We don't, either. It's going to be a fucking riot on wheels. Literally, too, because we're not staying in one place: the riot's moving around, baby.

I'll try to update from the boat, but I probably won't. Depends how accessible the wireless internet is on this one.

E gads, I don't really have anything else to talk about! I really hope everybody has a great break. Relax, sleep, party. I'll see you all in a week.

current mood: grateful

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